IIMEC10 Conference News

May 2015

The Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium 5 has been awarded maximum 12 points for the event which occurs on 27th - 28th May in London.

Clinicians attending both BRMEC5 and the 10th IiME International ME Conference 2015 - IIMEC10 - can now receive 18 CPD points from these events.

The BRMEC5 research meeting now has well over 60 participants attending from thirteen countries.

Based on the charity's strategy of facilitating and funding international biomedical research into ME we hope for two great days of collaboration to progress research into ME.

April 2015

The charity has again decided to fund the production of the DVD of the International ME Conference. This allows those who are unable to attend to see the presentations at the conference and learn from the experienced and renowned researchers presenting at the conference. It also provides a historical record of the events.

Included will be the pre-conference presentation by Mike Shepherd of his Arctic Marathon adventure.

Until 31 May 2015 the charity is offering an earlybird rate for the DVD.

Colloquium Programme

The charity is developing the BRMEC5 Colloquium programme. The objectives of expanding research into ME and facilitating international collaboration in biomedical research are highlighted by the BRMEC5 programme.

IIMEC10 Pre-Conference Dinner

Invest in ME are pleased to announce the IIMEC10 pre-conference dinner which will precede the annual IIMEC10 conference.
This year we are happy to welcome Vitae Natural Nutrition who have become a sponsor of the IIMEC10 pre-conference dinner.
The Invest in ME/Vitae Pre-Conference Dinner 2015 will include invited researchers, clinicians and ME patient group representatives from many different countries.

BRMEC5 Keynote Speaker

We are pleased to announce that Professor David Brooks of Imperial College, London will provide a keynote speech at BRMEC5.

March 2015

New Conference Speaker Announced

Invest in ME are pleased to welcome Dr Luis Nacul from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to the conference. Dr Nacul will be discussing Incidence and Prevalence of ME. Epidemiology is a very important aspect of ME research. Dr Nacul will also be participating in the BRMEC5 research colloquium which precedes the conference.

New Conference Speakers Announced

Two more speakers almost complete the IIMEC10 line-up.

Professor Betsy Keller from Ithaca College, USA, has expertise in the two day CPET testing involving ME/CFS patients and has published research inidicating unusual results in these patients.
Professor Keller was also on the USA Institute of MEdicine (IOM) panel that recently published a report on ME/CFS.
Dr Neil Harrison from Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK, works on understanding how infection or inflammation in the body interacts with the brain. He utilises a combination of functional brain imaging (e.g. fMRI, FDG-PET, EEG, polysomnography), experimental models of inflammation, custom cognitive tasks and diverse measures of peripheral immune status.
This is one area of research which needs to be covered in our strategy of biomedical research into ME and similar research from Japan suggests that this is a promising and emerging area of research for ME.

Norges ME Forening - Sponsor IIMEC10

The Norwegian EMEA member - Norges ME Forening - have sponsored a speaker to the IIMEC10 conference bringing to three the number of EMEA organisations who have helped IiME/IiMER to arrange the conference.

February 2015

New Conference Speaker Announced

Invest in ME welcome back Dr John Chia from USA to present at IIMEC10. Dr Chia is President of the Enterovirus Foundation and is assistant Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine.

Simmaron Research Sponsors IIMEC10 Medical Student

Simmaron Research have again offered to sponsor a UK medical student to the IIMEC10 conference.

More Conference Speakers Announced

More conference speakers have been announced for IIMEC10. Invest in ME again welcome back some old friends - Professor Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik and Dr Don Staines.

IIMEC10 Keynote Speaker Announced

IiMER are delighted to announce the keynote speaker at IIMEC10 will be Professor Ian Charles. Professor Ian Charles will join the Institute of Food Research in May 2015 to lead the programme to develop the UK’s new Centre for Food & Health to be based at the Norwich Research Park.
Professor Charles returns to the UK from Australia where he was Director of the ithree institute, University of Technology, Sydney.
Professor Charles has over 30 years’ experience in academic and commercial research. His academic career has included being a founding member of The Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research at University College London, one the UK’s first institutes of translational medicine. His current research interests include infectious diseases as well as the microbiome and its impact on health and wellbeing.

January 2015

First Conference Speakers Announced

The first conference speakers have been annonced for IIMEC10. Invest in ME welcome back some friends from previous years.

Fundraising for our Rituximab Clinical Trial

From our Rituximab micro-site - news of the latest international donation to our rituximab clinical trial - demonstrating the support and interest from around the world. The rituximab trial and B-cell research will be discussed at the conference and at our 2-day Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium which precedes the conference.

December 2014

A Patient's View

We thought it useful to include in the conference news section a different perspective on the illness from a patient. Our conferences and research colloquiums are helping overcome some of the ignorance about the illness.

Sponsor a GP

Invest in ME wish to attract as many healthcare staff as possible, especially GPs, paediatricians and those involved in diagnosing and treating ME. Therefore, IiME are making it easier for ME Support Groups - work with us to Sponsor a GP (or other healthcare staff or researcher) and we will give a discounted rate for the medical professional(s).

Chairman's Welcome to IIMEC10 Statement

IiMER Chairman Kathleen McCall welcomes delegates to the tenth Invest in ME International ME Conference for 2015.

November 2014

IMET Sponsors IIMEC10

The Irish ME Trust (IMET) have always supported Invest in ME for every biomedical research conference we have held.
In our tenth year of organising these conferences Invest in ME are very proud to announce that IMET have again offered to to sponsor a speaker to the conference.

October 2014

RME Sweden Sponsors IIMEC10

Invest in ME are very proud to announce that EMEA Sweden member RME (Riksföreningen för ME-patienter) has made a donation to IiME to help sponsor the IIMEC10 conference.

IIMEC10 Official Photographer

Our official conference photographer is again Regina Clos. Regina's work has been used all over the web with images from IiME conferences appearing on many web sites in many countries.