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11 Years of IiME International Biomedical Research Conferences

The IIMEC International Biomedical Research Conferences and associated Biomedical Research into ME Colloquiums (BRMEC*) have generated education about ME, increased knowledge amongst researchers, clinicians, healthcare staff, patients, carers, the media and in politics and organisations.

They have also supported the charity's strategy of biomedical research and are responsible for much of the research that we are currently funding or facilitating.

C11 Conference DVD

Location Cost
UK £14

The DVD contains 4 discs and is in PAL format- and contains the full presentations from the 2016 conference plus plenary sessions, and the pre-conference dinner keynote speech by Kjersti Krisner and music from Emanuela Buta and Carmine Lauri.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

The IIMEC* conferences attract researchers, professionals working in healthcare (GPs, nurses, paediatricians etc.), students, media personnel, politicians and ME patient groups, patients and carers from around the world. It is therefore a unique event providing potential sponsors with an opportunity to reach a wide range of interest groups, as well as targeted individual groups.
The IIMEC* conferences maintain a friendly atmosphere with the focus on research, treatments and progress.
To enable us to provide the best Conference possible we welcome donations or sponsorship from companies, organisations, support groups and individuals to make the International ME Conferences and Colloquiums a success.

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