Another Great Biomedical Research Colloquium

Working together is success


For six years Invest in ME Research has been organising international biomedical research colloquiums in London with theaim to bring the best researchers rom around the world to discuss, share, collaborate and coordinate research into ME.

When governments and research councils have been so negligent in treating ME properly for so long, by apathy or by starving biomedical research and researchers of funding, then the charity decided another way had to be found.

By encouraging international collaboration and by bringing into this research researchers from outside this field, knowledgeable in other disciplnes, then we have been helping to change the landscape of research into ME.

This colloquium will be our seventh since we originated the idea of bringing existing ME researchers together in the same meeting as researchers from other disciplines in order to increase knowledge and generate more ideas for biomedical research projects which can expedite the search for biomarkers and establish causality.

The seventh Invest in ME Research Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium (BRMEC7) takes place on 31st May - 1st June.

The programme is now almost complete - click here.

The Colloquiums now have participants from up to eighteen countries invited for the 2-day meeting. The charity backs this up with a researchers' meeting and the #IIMEC12 pre-conference dinner - more opportunities for discussions and networking.

For 2017 we welcome news researchers as well as old friends.

Together the BRMEC* colloquiums and IIMEC* conferences form a unique set of events which we believe is delivering results.

The colloquiums do not get as much publicity as the public conference - but they are crucial for developing research into ME and have expanded in numbers of participants and objectives over those years.

They have been responsible for multiple projects, initiatives and momentum - not all directly related to IiME's work - but very useful for other groups. The collaborations formed have generated new interest and we feel these have been responsible for moving ME into the mainstream of research.

The rituximab/B-cell research is one example - but there are many other examples.

For a small charity these events have taken a great deal of time, effort and resources to organise and perform.

But we feel they are very much worth the effort.

The BRMEC* colloquiums are a collaboration of international biomedical research into ME - with the objective of making progress.

To all the researchers coming to BRMEC7 we say welcome and thank you for participating.

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