Agenda for the Meeting

The agenda will include presentations from young/early career researchers and others.

Event Presenter(s)
12:00 Arrival Refreshments
Welcome to TtF2018 Chair: Professor Jonas Blomberg, Uppsala University, Sweden
Overview of biomedical research into ME -
The Possibilities and Problems of ME research
Professor Jonas Blomberg
Research at University of Tromsø University of Tromsø, Norway
Immune system and its interaction with gut microbes and viruses and ME Quadram Institute Bioscience, UK
Virus populations within the gut virobiota of ME patients Quadram Institute Bioscience, UK
Defective energy metabolism in ME/CFS University of Bergen, Norway
Subgroups of ME/CFS based on clinical data and biomarkers Charité, Berlin, Germany
Immunadsorption within a subgroup of ME patients Charité, Berlin, Germany
miRNA profiles of PBMCs and EVs in severe ME Catholic University of Valencia, Spain
Post-transcriptional mechanisms controling RNaseL activity Catholic University of Valencia, Spain
Mitochondrial DNA in ME Rosen Group, Linköping University, Sweden
Detection of GPCR-coupled autoantibodies in ME patients Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark
Neuroendocrine system in female ME patients;
brain MRI/DTI study to evaluate structural abnormalities in ME;
PET scan study of neuroinflammation in patients with severe ME
Montoya Group, Stanford, USA
Round table discussion Discussion of ideas, problems encountered, future research, how to collaborate etc.
  • - How to build interest in ME research in early career
  • - Next event
  • - Output from meeting. Questions/Input to BRMEC8 Colloquium
Summary Professor Jonas Blomberg
Thinking the Future Dinner TtF Participants and Researchers

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