Dr Oystein Fluge and Dr Ingrid Rekeland Speaking at #BRMEC8 and #IIMEC13

Conference Speakers - Dr Øystein Fluge and Dr Ingrid Rekeland

Invest in ME Research is pleased to welcome Dr Øystein Fluge Dr Ingrid Gurvin Rekeland to participate in the #BRMEC8 Colloquium and #IIMEC13 conference events.

Dr Ingrid Rekeland  and Dr Øystein Fluge

The research centre at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen has been a focal point for raising hopes of finding treatments for ME since their discovery that an ME patient who was being treated for B-cell lymphoma had improved following their treatment with Rituximab.

At our 2011 Invest in ME international conference, these Norwegian cancer specialists announced strikingly successful results in their pilot study of the immunotherapy drug rituximab on ME/CFS patients. In that study 67% of ME/CFS patients had moderate to major improvement, compared to only 13% of controls.

The pattern of response indicated that ME may have an autoimmune component because rituximab works by temporarily wiping out immune-system B cells, which are implicated in autoimmune disease.

These ground-breaking results gained international attention when the study was published.

In the autumn of 2017 preliminary results were released from the Phase III multi-centre double-blinded placebo controlled trial.

These results will be presented at the Colloquium and Conference, along with other research which is still ongoing.

Dr Fluge, Dr Rekeland and Professor Mella have spoken at several of Invest in ME Research's International Colloquiums and Conferences.

Their approach to research into ME has been exemplary - full of integrity, science and empathy towards patients.

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